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My journey to becoming a Holistic Life Coach and a Reiki Master


Hi! My name is Barb McLaughlin. I'm the founder of True You Holistic Life Coaching.

I've been a spiritual seeker for many years. I want to continue to evolve spiritually as our world and humanity itself evolve. In my opinion, spirituality is comprised of the unseen (and widely misunderstood) forces that give us life, drive us, inspire us and allow us to care for other human beings, animals, plants, and our planet. Of course, we are a species with survival instincts, like other animals, but what drives us to better ourselves and our world? A spiritual force (or an energetic force, if you prefer) of course! We cannot see the force, but we can access it with the proper tools and then enjoy the positive changes in our lives!

Knowledge and learning are always at the top of my list of priorities. I want to learn why things are the way they are, how to be a better human being, and how to help others live happy, harmonious lives.


A few years ago, I earned certification to teach meditation.


Deepening my already established personal meditation practice through the course was the impetus for my continued education in the field of Holistic Theology. I enrolled in a three degree program through the University of Holistic Theology. They are an accredited business and the Better Business Bureau gives them an A+ rating. The University is a member of the American Holistic Health Association. as am I. The Bachelor program exposed me to a wide range of subjects, including cell biology, quantum physics, human anatomy, and many alternative healing modalities. I earned my bachelor's, then my master's, and I am currently in the doctoral program.

An integral part of the Bachelor program was ordination through the International Holistic Ministry, whose mission is explained best by its founder:

Our mission is simply stated...

"We aim to bring spiritual people together and help each other in times of need. We do not promote any particular traditional religious beliefs; rather, we join together in upholding the doctrine of 'Love thy Neighbor', providing a helping hand and spiritual guidance when it is needed".

Our vision is clearly seen..... 

"IHM will work towards the creation of a sustainable, caring, holistic society - based in compassion, good health, prosperity, sustainable communities, educational achievement, fairness, joy, and talent. We will strive to protect our resources and the weakest amongst us from the greediest. We will invest in the future of all of humankind,  by giving each the freedom to grow". 

Dr James Grant, Founder of The International Holistic Ministry


Religion is NOT a part of my coaching process. We will deal with terms such as energy, connection and similar holistic concepts.


I earned Master Life Coach Certification and Art Therapy Life Coach Certification on Udemy with the coaching team from Transformation Academy.


Though there is no regulation or licensing for practicing life coaching, and I have more than enough background from the Holistic Theology courses I took that have thus far resulted in my earning my Master's in Holistic Theology. I love learning so much that I wanted to have a knowledge base delivered by people who have experience in this field. I earned certification as a Master Life Coach from the Transformation Academy through Udemy. These courses have helped me get my own life in balance as well. I am better able to help others working from a solid personal foundation.

I also earned a certificate for an Introduction to Functional Medicine course and a certificate for an Introduction to Functional Nutrition online at the Institute for Functional Medicine.

I completed a Reiki Master course taught by Reiki Master Tina Taylor. I have been attuned and received my Reiki diploma verifying my title of Reiki Master. I also took a Reiki Science course which included documented scientific evidence of the quality of tap water improved through Reiki. I am currently offering one free distance reiki session to anyone who fills out the contact form completely at the bottom of this page with the subject "free distance reiki session". 

I am a member of the Reiki Healing Association as well. 

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