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I have MANY people, educational organizations, groups, etc. to thank for helping me get to this point.

I had a friend who gave me encouragement and loaned me the money for the first class that put me on this path.  That person gave me the start I needed.

Next, my son and his family put me up for a while when I was between jobs and in school. I couldn't have done this without them.

My two daughters, my aunt, my siblings, nieces and nephews, and my grandkids and great grandkids have been so supportive and inspirational!

The family of my most recent employer (I was a live-in caregiver) gives me constant encouragement and support, both personally and previously on the job. If it weren't for this job taking care of their mother, I would not have been financially able to further my education in the way that I have and am continuing to do.

I have not mentioned names in the acknowledgements above to protect their privacy, but if any of the people mentioned read this, please know my gratitude has no bounds. 

I am extremely grateful for finding C.MI Meditation Instructor Programs. That is how this journey began.

I found the American Holistic Health Association next. They are a great resource. I am proud to be a member!

The University of Holistic Theology was next on my path. Through them I earned my bachelor's and master's in Holistic Theology and am continuing my education towards my Ph.D.

Many thanks to the coaching team at Transformations Academy. They offer easily affordable classes for life coach certification through Udemy.

I have deep gratitude for my Reiki teacher, Tina Taylor for teaching and attuning me as a Reiki Master.

Thanks also to The Reiki Store for all the resources they make available to Reiki practitioners.

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