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A satisfied reiki client had this to say:


I had a long distance Reiki healing session with Barbara last night and it was wonderful. I highly recommend that others take advantage of this gift. She was able to pick up where my current block has been and was able to focus there. She confirmed with me her perception after the treatment and she was spot on! Thank you Barbara!!
Caitlin Bean

Another reiki recipient said this:

I asked Barbara to perform a Reiki treatment for me when I had planned a long trip by car. I was concerned for my safety as I didn't feel mentally or emotionally prepared for the trip. I was several miles into my trip when I received a message from her saying that she wondered if I still wanted the treatment. I replied that I did and she messaged me to let her know when I could safety pull over and stop. I did. She explained the treatment and said that there would be a protective shield -like bubble around me.

Less than an hour later I was in stopped traffic, unaware as to why.  After several minutes to an hour of no movement I observed tow trucks and wrecked vehicles heading in the opposite direction. I counted seven wrecked vehicles and a boat being towed .

Had I not pulled over for the Reiki treatment, I'm sure that my timing during the trip could well have been ill-fated 

I continued my drive for another five hours in emotional comfort and without incident.

I have since asked Barbara for other Reiki treatments regarding sleep issues and physical concerns. I am grateful.

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