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Around the Bend

It's been quite a while since I made a blog post!

As happens sometimes in an artist's life, I had been feeling kind of stuck for what, to me, seemed like AGES!!! I had my solo art show debut recently, and I decided to listen to what one of my friends who came to support me said regarding what I should do next. I had started a series of bridge paintings called Crossings a year or more ago. But, I got distracted before I finished all ten of the paintings planned for the series, and I moved on to paint other things. I get distracted easily. I want to paint so many different things that sometimes I stray off the path. Speaking of the path, that has something to do with the message that goes with this painting. Beyond the bridge is a path with a bend in it. In life, as we walk our chosen path, sometimes we can't see beyond the bend. THAT'S PERFECTLY OKAY!!! As long as we stay true to ourselves, do the things we love most and the things that we are the very best at doing, whatever is beyond the bend will be wonderful. Sometimes it's okay not to be able to see beyond the bend. Just keep walking, stay focused, finish what you start, keep your promises (the ones to yourself, most importantly!) and know that life will always take a lot of twists and turns. Enjoy the surprises!

I uploaded this painting to the website. It is available here: Atour du Virage | True You Arts (

That fancy title means Around the Bend in French. Thanks to my sister-in-law, Shelby and someone I used to work with for the inspiration for the title!

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