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Connecting to our Mother... Earth

Feeling disconnected? Well, more than likely, you are!

In this age of hardscapes and urban life it is rare when we actually make contact with the ground with our bare feet. Our ancestors knew of the benefits of close contact with the surface of our planet. These days we are insulated from it with our rubber and plastic soled shoes.

About 20 years ago, a man named Clint Ober who had worked in the cable TV industry began wondering if the human body might benefit from grounding like our electronics do. He created a whole industry around the results he got personally from rigging a grounding mat to sleep on. He employed scientists and doctors who did studies for him to verify the benefits of grounding the human body.

I purchased a couple of grounding products about 3 weeks ago. I must say the results have been pretty amazing! I sleep better, wake up well-rested, and the chronic pain in my shoulders, hands and knees has been greatly reduced. I also have more energy throughout the day.

Of course, walking barefoot outside on the ground is the best way to get grounded, but when that is not an option, these products provide a convenient alternative. You can watch Mr. Ober's story here:

I am not in any way affiliated with the Earthing company.

Stay tuned. I will be announcing a giveaway of an original work of art very soon!

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