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Every morning at the end of my yoga practice, I pause to remember my teachers. Here is what I have come to believe. EVERYONE you connect with can teach you something. You may think you have nothing in common with that person you encounter briefly. You may think that your interaction with them is just an accident or a necessary evil even perhaps. Think about that teller at the bank, or the checker at the grocery store. You make small talk (or not) to get to the next thing on your to do list. What would it hurt to really converse with them, really listen to them? You might find they are quite interesting. You might find you have something in common with them, or that you are interested in talking to them outside of your normal place of interaction. People can surprise you more often than you may think. We are all connected. I believe we are here for each other. Reach out and just speak kindly to someone to whom you normally would say very little. Compliment them. Ask them something about themselves. Make eye contact.

I recently had a long, very surprising conversation with someone with whom I thought I had nothing in common. As it turns out, we actually have a lot of the same interests. We were both surprised. The Universe sends nice little surprises our way all the time if we pay attention!

Here is a mandala I made a couple of weeks ago. Mandalas remind me of how we can create a beautiful world together if we can realize we are all connected.

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