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Day 5 of the Heart Brain Coherence Challenge

Day 5 of the heart/brain coherence challenge is here!

Five days ago I began a new practice to relieve stress, improve my health and amp up my happiness. It is free, it only takes 5 minutes or less, and it works! When you allow yourself to feel appreciation for just a few minutes, your body releases chemicals that improve immune function, make you feel wonderful, and heal your body on a cellular level. This is hard science, not airy-fairy, woo-woo stuff!

I include links in this post that will explain it better than I can.

Please consider joining me in this simple exercise to increase communication between your heart and your brain. I will post daily my own experience of this practice.

Today, as I sat feeling gratitude for my optimism, I fwlt empowered!

Here are the links to the video and websites explaining similar heart/brain coherence exercises:

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