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Falling in Love...with Life

Most of us strive to achieve and acquire things we think we need to be happy or push things away that we think have the power to make us unhappy. This puts us in a constant struggle, a constant tug-of-war that is exhausting.

Be happy now. It sounds simplistic, but it is definitely possible. If you start each day in love with your life, you will see how more things, people and situations come to you that you can fall in love with. Begin your day with gratitude. I know you can. All of us have things to be grateful for. You have a roof over your head. Not everyone does. You have clothing to wear. Some only have the clothes on their backs. You are reading this, so you have internet access. That is a miracle of modern technology! Not everyone has it. You have food to eat today. Not everyone does.

Love and gratitude are vibrations and frequencies that we transmit and receive like radio waves. You are an electromagnetic being. The Universe registers your frequency and presents things to you that synch up with it.

I start my day by writing down more than a dozen things for which I am grateful. As I write them, sometimes I read them out loud, and I always let myself feel love and gratitude wash over me for all that is in my life. With gratitude journaling and meditation (to become aware when your mind strays from love and gratitude) you will see your life begin to transform in ways you did not think were possible. At the very least, notice your thoughts. Awareness begins in this way. Once you notice a thought that does not feel good it will be easier and easier to release thoughts like that in the future. Is that thought about something that is happening now? Is it helpful in any way? It might not even be true. Our subconscious has stored beliefs that probably do not even apply in our lives right now. We have emotions attached to old beliefs that may not feel good and do not serve any purpose for us now. I am proof you can release old, limiting beliefs. I want the best for everyone so that we can all be happy and loving to co-create a world together that does not remotely resemble the chaotic world we live in now.

I believe more and more people are waking up and realizing a better world is possible. It begins with you...falling in love with your life.

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