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For the last 12 weeks, I have been keeping a gratitude journal. First thing every morning, I write down many, many things I am grateful for. There are so many aspects of my life that I can scarecely believe I am privileged enough to be living. I have wonderful loving relationships, a love of learning, a sharp mind, good health, compassion for others, a modicum of art talent and the confidence to use it and resources to meet all my needs and most of my wants.

I have been taking courses to learn how to build my art career (shoutout to The Praxis Center for Aesthetic Studies). So, I have been putting myself out there on social media and locally here in Oglesby, IL, USA at Antiques & More. Some things are starting to happen that are exciting to me. I have been asked to teach classes by the owner of that store. I decided to teach a class on how to unleash your creativity. I read a great book called The Artist's Way which, by the way, suggests journaling as one way to boost creativity. The author, Julia Cameron is an artist herself and suggests lots of fun and interesting exercises, some of which I will incorporate into my classes.

Also, I will be a part of The Burgoo Festival in Utica, IL, displaying and selling my art. These may be small things to some, but I will be making art, connecting with people and helping others find the joy in creating. Those are my very favorite things in life!

I am blessed, so to show my gratitude to those who have been so generous as to share their email addresses with me (and those who do in the future!) at True You, I would like to say thank you by giving you all a little freebie, my ebook, Discover Your Purpose/Live Your Best Life absolutely free! Keep an eye out for that email. Stick with me! There will be more giveaways in the future! If you're not currently on my email list, just fill out the green contact form near the bottom of the homepage (if you're on a laptop or desktop computer) or click on Contact Barb McLaughlin near the top of the homepage (if you are on your phone) at to get your free ebook.

Here is my latest watercolor in my Rocky Mountain Watercolor Series. Only one more to go to complete that series of 10! You can see all of my artwork here: .

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