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I have been on a healing journey for most of my adult life. Childhood trauma has affected me in so many ways, most of which I am just now beginning to uncover and attempt to resolve. I have recently been gaining awareness of subconscious beliefs that have created blocks in my life to love and financial abundance.

This morning I had a breakthrough of sorts, remembering things I was told as a child, creating false beliefs which I am now working on transforming. Digging up childhood trauma can be extremely painful but walking through that pain and seeing the miracles that can happen when you know your value make it all worthwhile.

I thought I had completed my Thresholds series of paintings, but after my mini epiphany this morning, this painting wanted to be created. Originally, I was going to call it Healed, but this journey is ongoing, so I have decided to call it Healing.

I wish for all of you the courage to uncover buried trauma so that you can realize your worth and experience the abundance the Universe has to offer!

Here is the narrative that goes with this painting to be uploaded to my shop soon:

Someone broke your heart and you retreated inside yourself, feeling broken. You let yourself feel the pain, but gradually, after doing some inner work, you had raised your vibration high enough again to want to venture out and see what else the world has to offer. I call this 16x20 acrylic original Healing, 9th in my Thresholds series.

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