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Heaven on Earth

June 15th, 2021

Heaven is Lake Julia in Rhinelander, WI. Just look at that photo! Yes, that is a photo masquerading as a painting. I am surrounded by the healing inspiration of nature. I have taken lots of nature photos to use as reference photos for painting, but I can't possibly paint to rival nature. I will try anyway. :-)

Today we were invaded by a mama bear and her cubs. It was scary and awe inspiring all at once. They were just looking for food. Mama bear found it in the garbage can, meanwhile one of her cubs decided to climb a gigantic pine. Of course, Mama bear couldn't leave until her baby came down and she didn't feel threatened by humans. When we made ourselves scarce, she proceeded to drag the garbage out and she and her cubs devoured the feast. Who were the invaders? I think the invaders were not the furry ones just trying to survive but the furless ones encroaching on a woodland habitat.

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