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I Believe Most People Are Good

June 21, 2021

I was having a conversation with my brother a few nights ago, in which I made the statement, "I believe most people are good". See Luke Bryan's video of his song of the same title here. :-)

I was excited about a new concept I have for making my artwork even more appealing to potential buyers and to also make the prospect of marketing more appealing to me!

My art has deep meaning and symbolism for me. I care deeply about the environment, human rights, a sense of global community and animal rights. I reflect that in my artwork. Hopefully, people who are also interested in these same things are drawn to my work. I want to help change the world at least a little bit with each sale of my artwork, so I have decided to do some research to find reputable charities to which to donate a portion of my art sales.

I believe most people are good and want their lives to have meaning. There has been research done showing that making charitable donations has positive effects on the individual making the donation. Here is that article.

With so much pessimism about the state of affairs in the world today, I want to help make a difference. How about you?

I welcome recommendations for charities you like. You can contact me at:

Here is a sneak peak at a watercolor I will soon be offering for purchase as part of my Northwoods series.

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