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Loving It All!

I'm back!

I just went through a giant purge in my life because of a move, so I've been a little discombobulated (as my Mom used to say), and my focus has not been spectacular, That being said, by following my own advice doing those things that I know work, my focus is returning, and I'm excited to announce I will be launching a video course called "Loving It All" by the end of the summer. This series will help you get your life in balance by offering mindfulness and holistic living ideas over the course of 10 videos targeting different facets of life that affect each other and your happiness overall. There is real science behind it all, and I will offer extracurricular readings to help you understand more fully how each thought, emotion and action works to create your own life and ripples out to affect the lives of those around you.

It's exciting stuff and I can hardly wait to dive in!

Mindfully yours,


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