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Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Today, I received notification that my Master's thesis has been accepted by the board at the University of Holistic Theology! It has been almost 4 years since I entered their 3 degree program that will end with my earning my Ph.D in Holistic Theology when I have completed the assignments which culminate in my writing a doctoral dissertation. It's been a long, interesting road. I have learned so much.

I first enrolled at the University to become a certified meditation instructor in 2016. After completing that program, I got brave and decided to enroll in their degree program for Holistic Theology. I had no idea how much work would be involved! I am somewhat of a perpetual student however. Learning new information to improve the quality of my life and the lives of others has become an a bit of an obsession. During the time I was working on my Bachelor's degree, I developed an interest in reiki and life coaching (art therapy life coaching in particular), so I took courses to become certified in those fields as well.

Most of this took place while I was caregiving for a sweet woman with dementia on a live-in basis. But she was a dear and a joy almost all of the time. I was privileged to have been her caregiver for 3 years. The holistic knowledge I gained helped me get through it and I think it helped me know how to handle the parts that were difficult for my sanity and to do my very best for her. She is gone now, but my interest in helping others has not ended.

I am retired, but I definitely am still pretty occupied. Between school, writing a book on art therapy and making art as much as I am inspired to do, I keep busy. :-)

check out what's new if you're so inclined. I am finishing up my Rocky Mountain watercolor series. Only 3 more in the series of 10 to go! You can see more of my work here:

Here's to never being too old for new goals!

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