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No More Masks!

This morning, I wrote a rough draft of a letter intended to be presented to a gallery or curator of an art show to let them know who I am as an artist and what my art is about. In writing the letter, I had a couple of mini epiphanies. I finally know who I am, what I want to do, and I like myself. It has taken me many decades to get to this point. This may sound egotistical, but I am the cool person I always wanted to meet! I don't wear masks any more to fit into social situations. I am pursuing my art career to heal from past traumas and to help others do the same.

Ha, in rereading my blog post, I realized the relevance of the title of this blog post for today's world, at least for many of us!

I am here in the Northwoods of Wisconsin in the US on an extended vacation, bearing witness to the beauty of nature. Yesterday, my brother and I got to see this Mama bear and her cub interacting as she tried to get him to come down from the tree.

It has long been known that spending time in nature is very healing. Nature heals, art heals. Therefore art with a subject from nature must be super healing, right? Right!

I have decided to do a series of watercolors featuring scenes from the Northwoods which will be made available for purchase as they are each finished. We can learn a lot from nature. Here is a sneak peak at the first in my Northwoods series. Sorry for the blur. I don't have my tripod with me here in the Northwoods!

This is titled, "Last Light of Day". I was blown away by the golden glow on the trees projected by the sun's last efforts before nightfall.

More to come!

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