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The Artist in Each of Us

My time here in the Nothwoods of Wisconsin is coming to an end. It's been relaxing but stimulating for my creativity at the same time. The beauty of the lakes, wildlife and woods is awe-inspiring! I intend to carry over the feeling I have had here of peace and the love of the beauty nature

I just started reading a book called, The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. She gives the reader tools to boost creativity. Our competitive capitalistic world has squashed the simple joy of creating right out of most of us. But that Inner Artist is there, waiting to be released! I haven't lost it, but I want more of it!

Another book I just started reading is Seven Dragons: A Guide to Limitless Mind. The ultimate act of creativity is recreating your life by expanding your mind! We are such powerful beings!

I am blessed to have a summer full of inspiration surrounded by the beauty of nature and by people who encourage my art journey.

My next trip is to Golden, Colorado near the end of this month! I am going with my daughter and her wife to a wedding out there. I will be taking lots of nature photos from which to paint! I'm excited!

I leave you with the 8th in my Northwoods watercolor series.

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Akshat Bakliwal
Akshat Bakliwal
10 jul 2021
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