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The Print Giveaway winner announced and one more reason 7/31/21 is important!

Today marked the date for the drawing of the winner of my first print giveaway. This was fun for me and hopefully for those of you who entered. This was not a one-off. I plan on having giveaways like this on a regular basis. It is my way of giving back for the support and encouragement I have received from all of you. The winner was Michael Martini of Michigan.

I recently had an eleven day hiatus from making art because of a trip to Colorado for a wedding. Let me tell you, that was really weird! I have been focused on making art almost every day for months! It's almost like an addiction. But in a good way.:-) While I was in Colorado, I took lots of pictures of those beautiful Rocky mountains. Oh, my gosh, there is nothing like those mountain views! So, now I have some gorgeous reference photos from which to paint my second watercolor series, The Rockies. These paintings will be finished and released sometime in August or September. Here is a sample of these beautiful Colorado landscapes.

Which brings me to why 7/31/21 is a super important date for another reason. This date marks the official launching of my 11th Hour Art Project. The Colorado watercolor series (10 paintings in all) will be an important part of my attempt to draw attention to the danger of losing these beautiful places on our planet due to global warming and human neglect and abuse of our environment. I will have future series drawing attention to the plight of the homeless, Alzheiner's victims, animal rights and more! You can read more about my art project here:

You may be wondering how this all ties into the fact that I am a life coach. Why is my art on my life coaching website? Well, I have long been a big believer that art heals. It is an ongoing healing factor for me. I am a huge advocate for art therapy. As an art therapy life coach, among other life coaching certificates I have, I am currently writing a book on art therapy (working title, Your Life is a Blank Canvas) which I hope to release in the next year. But, I digress. With the advent of my 11th Hour Art Project, I hope to show through giving a percentage of my online art sales that through giving, we can find meaning in our lives. So many people walk through life, not feeling, simply performing daily tasks, rarely feeling true joy. Giving feels good. And giving to a cause that is close to your heart feels WONDERFUL! As a life coach, I want everyone to feel as wonderful as I do through making art, viewing art and giving to charity connected with purchasing art.

I've got lots of exciting projects planned. Stay tuned!

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