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Through the Eyes of a Child

Artist blocks are definitely a real thing! I have just not been producing much art lately. I think I have been so focused on making art for my 11th Hour Art Project, that I have not been making art for the sheer joy of it, therefore, I just didn't feel like painting anything. Art should be truly inspired, not forced, in my humble opinion.

For three days running last week, I had my 8 year old grandson here with me while his parents worked. He LOVES making art! Just loves it! He's not afraid to paint without much of a plan, just putting paint on canvas, seeing what happens. I love that, and I had forgotten how much fun it can be. He helped me see art through the eyes of a child again. I think that may have helped me with feeling blocked. I did some paintings just for fun with my grandson while he was here and here is one I painted yesterday after my block seemed to have been lifted.

The watercolor depicts a baptism which my daughter and I just happened to have the perfect timing to witness as we walked through Golden Colorado and looked down from a bridge over Clear Creek at the foot of Mt. Zion. I thought that was really serendipitous!

It is available for purchase here.

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