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Yesterday, I reached a little milestone. I released my first complete series of ten watercolors, The Northwoods Series, now available for purchase at: Check them out! The birch painting has old already!

My four week stay at a cabin on beautiful Lake Julia in Wisconsin was so inspiring artistically. Nature puts on such lovely displays! Prior to my vacation, I had been dabbling in abstract art, which I still love doing, but I just had to try to paint from photos I took in Wisconsin. I painted so many trees and greenery, I ran out of green paint!

I already miss the scent of pines and seeing deer on a daily basis.

Here is a pic of my whole Northwoods watercolor series all together.

Next week I am traveling to Colorado for a wedding, so I will be taking lots of pictures there to paint from as well! Hopefully, by the end of August, I will be well into my Colorado watercolor series!

I am so blessed with the opportunities to visit these gorgeous locations!

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