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No Supply Chain Problem in Our Hearts!

The holidays are rapidly approaching and many of us are scrambling to find gifts for our loved ones. This has been made more difficult this year because of supply chain problems.

I encourage you to find ways to show your love for others through giving of yourself. Give your time in some way (babysitting, a ride for an errand, grocery shopping, housecleaning, etc), give baked goods, some craft you made, or a homecooked meal. Let your imagination and your heart run wild. We have no supply chain problem in our hearts. We always have plenty of love to give and the supply is multiplied when we give from our hearts.

That being said, I know there are those many of us will still want to gift with something we purchase for them. If it is chosen with care and love, a purchased item can be thoughtful as well. I have had my art store open here on the website now for almost a year.

Art can be highly personal, as in very specific to a person's individual taste. Art is a unique gift, but it can be hard to choose artwork for someone else. With that in mind, I am now offering gift cards in denominations to fit most budgets from $25 to $200.

I wish you a heart overflowing with love for yourself and your fellow man as we enter this holiday season. If you click on the image, it will take you to my gift card page:

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