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What Lights You Up?

Did you ever have one of those times in life where everything seemed so crystal clear that you had trouble believing they were not just moments ago?

I had (and I'm still in the middle of!) an epiphany this morning. Let me set this all up for you.

Over the last several years I have been taking class after class, searching for that one thing that lights me up. I am interested in so many different things that I can sometimes be pretty scattered. Sometimes? Pretty? Ha, ha, ha! How about often and very as more accurate descriptors there?! But I have known with every class, certification, and degree that I was driven to just absorb as much as I possibly could. Holistic Theology (that is the field in which I earned my Ph. D.), to me is the ultimate field of endeavor. Why? Because it encompasses EVERYTHING!

Theology often gets a bad rap from scientists, atheists and realists in general, perhaps because it is so intangible, so woo-woo. Holistic Theology, as far as I can surmise, is the study of all that consciousness reveals to us. Consciousness. Not intellect, not our brains. How fascinating can any field be?

So, in this field of study I have learned about human anatomy, the biology of belief, energy healing, alternative healing, consciousness, and so much more. What is all of this for? Why are we here? Why are so many human beings not BEING, but constantly DOING, having few clues why they are here, what will help them be happy, or what their purpose is? So many people are disconnected from what lights them up!!! We have let the world beat us down. We are so busy listening to others and the news, and media (with all that seems wrong with the world) in general that we have totally forgotten how to be happy!

I am here to help you remember who you freakin' ARE!!! All of this study has prepared me to know what lights me up. What lights me up is helping others find what lights THEM up! Maybe that is why I am so drawn to painting candles. Maybe that is why I chose a painting of candle flames to represent my group, Your True You on Facebook. A friend of mine asked me not long ago why I am drawn to painting candle flames. I wasn't sure at the time. But this morning I felt like so many things were crystal clear. That is such an awesome moment, people! Knowing your purpose (or purposes!) and seeing things come together can be a true turning point in life. This morning I am having moment after moment just like that!

I am here to help you all find what lights you up! If you know already and you live according to what lights you up, isn't it wonderful!

Your True You wants you to find what lights you up. I am here to help.

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