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Taking the Leap

Sometimes in life we realize that in order to move forward we may have to take a leap of faith. We find ourselves on the edge of a precipice. Either we can turn around and go back from whence we came (the old, the familiar, the places we have outgrown), or we can take a running jump and make it to the other side of the chasm.

Carl Jung called this the beginning of the Hero's Journey, the call to adventure. In Tarot, this is represented by the Fool card. I believe we are on a spiritual journey, facing challenges along the way which, when walked through (or jumped over!), contribute to the expansion of our consciousness. That first big leap is the most difficult move to make. The Fool is wiser than he seems, and he is braver than he is foolish. He goes his own way without caring what others think of his decision to make that big jump. The Fool is happy to begin a new cycle in his life. He follows his intuition, allowing his true essence to lead the way in spite of the potential danger others may see ahead of him.

The Hero or the Fool starts out in the ordinary world, hearing and following the call to adventure, breaking ties with the world he has outgrown.

Along the way, he encounters weird and wonderful things that allow him to learn and grow and manifest his desires.

What call do you hear? What potentially scary step do you feel pulled to take? You may reach a point where it is more uncomfortable to stay where you are, not learning or growing, not seeing what amazing adventures lie across that chasm. I hope you reach that point where you are no longer afraid to follow the call to adventure.

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