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Summertime...and the Livin' is Easy

I had a wonderful morning today exploring the sleepy little town of Rhinelander, WI. My brother and I ran some errands, but also took a little time just exploring downtown a bit. I had heard about an art gallery that sounded interesting, but wasn't able to get an appointment to visit. We happened to be in a sporting goods store when I spotted a free magazine with local stories, events and attractions. Happily, I found a story on an artist who runs a shop and gallery that was only about a block and a half away. Check out Tom's Drawing Board. The proprietor is Tom Barnett, a talented artist who talked with me for quite a while. He was helpful and interesting to talk to. He's happy with his gallery and painting classes and parties he holds at his shop and was super encouraging to me as an artist.

In my experience, most artists (and creative types in general) are very supportive of other artists and creatives. There are a multitude of facebook groups to help artists to get exposure and support from other artists.

After becoming even more inspired to keep creating by my new artist acquaintance, I played around with alcohol ink and here is the result.

After a dinner of Hawaiian tacos (yes!), I took a leisurely walk in the rain. Ahh, summer! What a perfect day!

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