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Surrender to the Flow

I read a book not long ago called The Surrender Experiment by Michael A. Singer. I wanted to increase my creativity, and, according to many sources it is helpful to enhance the Divine feminine power within in order to increase your creativity. I am writing my doctoral dissertation on creativity, so I have been using myself as a test subject.

First, I would like to explain a little about the feminine and masculine energies that are present in all of us. I am not referring to gender, just to be clear. The masculine principle is yang, projective, conquering and productive. The feminine principle is yin, receptive, nurturing and creative. We all have some of both in us, but because most of society has been under a patriarchal influence for centuries our masculine/feminine energies have become out of balance. Our beliefs over many centuries have been that we have to accomplish, acquire and consume constantly to have value. Many of us have lost our abilities to just receive and go with the flow of life. We believe we have to make things happen, swim upstream and control everything around us.

Many of us have way too much masculine energy in our makeup. In Michael Singer's book, The Surrender Experiment, he tells the story of how he decided to be open to what life brought to him and play with it. He was a man content to live in a tiny house in the woods and just meditate, but after deciding to be open and curious and act on what life presented to him, he eventually built many highly successful businesses and became a great spiritual teacher. You can find out more about him here: Michael Singer Podcast - Sounds True.

I had a profound experience yesterday along these lines. I had kind of given up on meeting a romantic partner. I had received a message from a man on eHarmony who was very persistent, but after a few conversations, I realized that, although we had many, many interests in common, we were not meant to have a romantic relationship. I felt I had to tell him that before it went any further. It was a difficult conversation, and he was resistant to accepting what I had to say. I decided to offer him a distance reiki session to help him. I believe that life presents us with situations so that we can learn, grow, and find purpose and meaning. Sometimes that reason for what life brings us is just not what we think it is initially. I accepted contact with him, but much to our mutual surprise, the reason for our connection was not romantic; instead, it was healing.

The distance reiki session was different from any I had conducted up until then. I usually get intuitive hits about the subject, and this was no different in that way. I felt he needs a lot of help to get his energy system balanced. His chakras are very depleted. For the first time during a session, I heard music in my head when I got to his root chakra that helped me understand what he needs. Life presented him to me so that we could have a healing connection, not a romantic one! His experience with the session was extremely deep, healing and profound. He had a much stronger experience than anyone to whom I have sent reiki before this. We have decided to continue our healing sessions.

When you have something in your life that is persistent, I believe it is there for an important reason. Be open to the things that life brings you. You may find pleasant surprises this way, even with the things you may be resistant to. It helps so much to surrender to the flow of life.

In honor of what life brought me yesterday, I am offering a free distance reiki session to anyone who emails me at

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